About Us


In 1961, Marion Bashford, the wife of the former Executive Director of the Union Mission Ministries was moved with compassion for the low-income children playing on the streets of downtown Norfolk where the Union Mission was located. She was also concerned for the tired parents struggling to care for their children and support their families at the same time. To help them, she created a program at a farm in Virginia Beach where kids could have fun, make lasting friendships and learn about God. From this tiny day program, Hope Haven was born. In 2020, Hope Haven celebrated 60 years of providing a multifaceted children and family ministry for more than 800 children each year. The mission of nurturing kids and strengthening families in a Christ centered environment, however, remains the same.

Hope Haven is a ministry of the Union Mission Ministries and shares the same Board of Directors and executive Director. For more information about The Union Mission follow this link to their website.

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