Camp Medication Information

If you have additional questions or concerns about your camper’s medical care, email us at

How do I tell you about my camper’s medical needs?

The most important place to communicate about your camper’s medical needs is the camper’s medical form. These forms are available at check-in and are sent out with your cabins assignment email. Also, when you register your child, there is space on the application to talk about any medical conditions the camper may have.


Where can my camper keep their meds?

To protect the safety of all campers from having access to meds, all medications must be kept by the camp nurse at the nurse’s station. This applies not just to campers, but also to our staff, so there’s no possibility of a camper getting into a staffer’s luggage and accessing medication.


What meds should my camper bring?

Please pack all over-the-counter and/or prescription medication that your needs on a regular basis.


When are meds given out?

Medication is given out at meal times and bedtime in the duration of camp. If a medication has to be taken outside of the normal distribution times, that will be noted by the nurse and given at the prescribed time.


How should I pack my camper’s meds?

Make sure you keep all prescription medication in its original container. Do not put them in baggies or pill sorters. State regulations require all medication to be in their original containers so we cannot make exceptions.


Anything else important about meds?

Speaking of state regulations, we also cannot administer prescription meds that are:

  • Expired
  • Prescribed to other people. Medication must be prescribed to the camper only and not other family members. If dispensing instructions have changed, please ensure the label is updated by the pharmacy.
  • Compounded or mixed at home. We can administer medicines that have been compounded or mixed by a pharmacy, but we cannot administer medicines that have been mixed or compounded together at home. Our nurses at camp are also unable to mix or compound medicines together. If you need this, work with your pharmacy ahead of time to bring a pharmacy mixed medicine with you.
  • Broken in half. We cannot administer medicines that are cut or broken into smaller doses than prescribed.

Regulations require us to follow the directions on all medicines. So if a bottle says it is for adult use only and it is checked in for a ten-year-old, we cannot administer it. This is often a problem for Melatonin. Or if you request a higher dosage than what is listed on the medication directions.


What about CBD oil?

We do not administer CBD oil to campers, and we ask that you do not pack it in your camper’s luggage.


What about melatonin?

You can send it, but two important things to note. Your camper will be going hard all. day. long. So the likelihood of them needing something to help them fall asleep is low. In addition, by law we must follow the dosage directions on all medicines (including melatonin). If the directions state that they cannot be given to children, we cannot give the child that melatonin.


How do I get my meds back?

On Friday you can pick up your meds from the meds pick up table after closing ceremony. Please don’t forget! Bring your photo ID so we can verify we are giving the meds back to the right person.

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