Encounter Christ. Encounter Community.

Switchback is an event where staff from camp and previous teen campers come together in community to study the word of God, build each other up and have fun. We also welcome anyone who is 15 years old and up, to come enjoy the experience as well. The evening involves a blend of teaching, games, singing, and tasty food.

Our goal is to build a community centered around Christ and for people to stay connected throughout the school year so when camp season comes back; they are able to take the community into working at Camp Hope Haven.


Praying for each other is an important part of the night. We lift each other up in prayer, share our struggles, and encourage one another.

Eating Together

Free food is provided to all who come to the event. There is pizza, drinks, chips, a side dish, and desert.*

*Note- We are following state regulations and CDC guidelines when serving food and eating. The health and safety of our people is the highest priority.


Team building games are held throughout the night. This allows for people to get to know each other and work together to win a prize and accomplish a goal.

Diana JohnsonSwitchback